Following a meeting with the PIJAC Canada Board of Directors, the decisionhas been taken to shift our show schedule and combine the Fall Virtual Showand Drummondville, Quebec in person show into one large virtual show to takeplace in October. It was our hope that circumstances would allow us toaccommodate an online and face to face event this fall, however therestrictive numbers placed on allowed participants for events are not ideal tohold a show of our scale, greatly limiting in-person on site windows toconduct business. This decision was carefully weighted and in no way changesour goal to deliver you the best networking and purchasing event of theseason.

PIJAC Canada will be hosting Canada’s largest online pet industry tradeevent, the 2021 National Pet Industry Virtual Show – Fall Edition on October24-25, 2021 via the OrderEase platform. All exhibitors will have the abilityto set up their ordering system on the platform, making it simple for visitorsto purchase what they need. The online chat function will connect exhibitorsand visitors directly to discuss show specials and a full slate of on demandwebinars will be available throughout.

Despite the challenges that 2021 has brought us all, one thing that has neverchanged is our collective resilience. We as a pet community, have never shiedaway from getting things done whether it be transport blockages, fires, floodsand now a pandemic. We continue to find ways to keep our industry going bysupporting one another and making sure pet families get what they need.

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