Throughout March, PETstock Assist will host the annual National Pet AdoptionMonth with an aim to help rescue pets find a home.

Each year 80,000 urban stray cats are killed by council as a way of managingunowned animals, but according to animal welfare charity PetRescue, this onlyincreases the number as the remaining cats produce larger, healthier littersas there is less competition for food.

Jessica Curtis, Charity and Events Leader at PETstock Assist, said after sevennational adoption initiatives, it is important to review the current trends sowe can break the cycle of pet homelessness across Australia.

“The pet adoption landscape changes rapidly, and this year we’re seeing morecats available for adoption compared to other animals, closely followed bylarge dogs and bonded pairs – animals that have entered rescue together andneed to be adopted together.”

PETstock Asisst is encouraging Australians to adopt different this March bythinking how they can make more sustainable choices, remove their bias towardspet adoption and address the issue of pet homelessness by adopting a pet thatis in need.

“Growing your family to include an adopted cat, large dog or bonded pair willnot only enrich your life, but also the life of the adopted pet by offeringthem a safe and loving environment to thrive in.”

Sam Mac, TV weatherman, animal welfare advocate, and owner of two rescue cats,Coco and Cleocatra, has partnered with PETstock Assist to help find a home forthe thousands of homeless animals across the country.

“I’m a big believer that we don’t choose our adopted animals, they choose us.My cats are so unimpressed by everything I do. They sit there with solemnlooks on their faces, judging my every move. But there’s something about theirnonchalance that I find so hilarious. There’s a reason cats dominate theinternet; they make us laugh!

“The day that I found Coco at the shelter, I fell in love. I believe that deepdown they know you’ve given them a second chance at life, and they’ll repayyou forever. This may make my life sound really sad, but that little whitefluff ball is one of the best things to ever happen to me.”

Curtis said that if you’re not currently able to adopt a pet there are severalother ways you can help to solve the pet homelessness problem.

“By fostering or volunteering at your local rescue group, you’re not onlyproviding a safe place or care for an animal in need, but you’re also creatingspace for stray animals seeking shelter. By donating in store throughoutMarch, you will be supporting PETstock Assist and helping them continue theirrescue initiatives.”

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