Kellyville Pets, Australia’s largest independent pet store and animal welfareadvocate, has launched petopia® – an online pet education, conservation andexploration platform, featuring the world’s first ever Reptile MasterclassSeries.

The petopia® online Reptile Masterclass Series includes courses coveringBearded Dragon’s, Python’s and Turtle’s and the soon to be released Frog’s andteaches prospective and existing reptile carers how to successfully look afterthese fascinating animals in captivity.

Each Masterclass includes over two hours of engaging, cinematic content and isdivided into easily digestible chapters focussing on topics including naturalhistory, anatomy, habitat, general husbandry, diet, and conservation.

According to Kellyville Pets General Manager, Richard Sheen, the ReptileMasterclasses fill a demand in the market, recently created due to covid-19.

“Reptiles have always been a popular pet as they don’t require a large spaceto live, they leave no mess, they don’t smell, and make no noise. But over thepast year and a half, we have seen a huge increase in the interest surroundingthese unique pets.”

“Unfortunately, because of the covid-19 pandemic, new reptile keepers couldn’tpartake in our in-store reptile courses that we have been operating for thepast 25 years. There was also no similar course offered online.”

“As strong advocates of animal welfare and responsible pet care we wanted tocreate an educational platform that delivered the most accurate and up-to-dateinformation on how to look after animals, that could be accessible to petparents not only in Australia but on a global level. So, petopia® and ouronline pet Masterclasses were born.” Says Mr Sheen.

The petopia masterclasses are professionally shot with cinematic, high-definition visuals and are presented by Reptile Expert and conservationist,Ben Dessen.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Natural Science and has dedicated his life to animalwelfare and conservation. Ben manages the Reptile Department at KellyvillePets, having developed and presented the reptile masterclasses for the past 10years. He is also a resident teacher at the Future Vet Kids Camp, is theSanctuary Manager and Director of the Zambi Native Wildlife Sanctuary and is amember of Sydney Wildlife Rescue. Ben has also lived in the jungles of Borneoestablishing an orangutan orphanage and rehabilitation centre and worked withBob Irwin and Dr Harry Cooper on various wildlife projects and presentations.

“My vision is to encourage the responsible treatment of animals and nurturethe conservationists of tomorrow. I believe these Masterclasses help doexactly that and I’m so excited that I can share my knowledge and passion forreptiles with the world. “Explains Mr Dessen.

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