Petnews Trade Show continues until Sunday evening. Figures from Monday andTuesday show 984 visitors to the venue with all of the exhibitors getting partof the action.


General Pet & Aquarium Wholesale


Eastern Distributors


Kong’s Australia Pty Limited

Pet Pacific

Prestige Pet

West Coast Pet Supplies

Grooming Products

Botany Bay Imports Exports


Specialist Collars & Leads

Beau Pets

Specialist Marine Aquarium Products

Beyond the Sea Reef Supplies

Food for Birds and Small Animals

Green Valley Grains

Live Food for Reptiles and Birds

Bio Supplies

Environmentally Friendly Waste Bags


Pet Healthcare Products

Himalaya Pets

Homeo Pet

Food & Healthcare Products

Number One

Pet Industry Business Insurance

MGA Pet Industry Insurance

Industry Trade Magazine

Pet Industry News

Pet Industry Association

PIAA Pet Industry Association of Australia

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