Premier pet food industry conference rescheduled, still set to deliver

expert insights on improving your pet food business.

Petfood Forum 2020, originally scheduled for April 27-29, will now take placeAugust 19-21. The location is still the Kansas City Convention Center inKansas City, Missouri, USA. The rescheduling happened due to the COVID-19(coronavirus) pandemic out of an abundance of caution and concern for thesafety and well-being of all participants, organizers said.

New research and insights from pet food experts

Most of the session topics and speakers, as well as other conference featurespreviously announced, will remain. Concurrent sessions will offer informationand insights on specific innovations and growing trends, including newnutrition and ingredient research and new technologies. In addition, threeroundtables will address hot topics like the role of sustainability in petfood, the CBD craze in the pet industry and the microbiome’s importance to petnutrition and health. Another roundtable session will address the need for newmodels to close the gaps in pet food nutrition research.

In addition, general sessions will cover emerging trends and an update of thepet food market, plus how and why pet owners are changing their pet foodpurchasing choices. Concurrent technical sessions will focus on ingredientresearch, nutrition and market trends, pet food safety and technologies fortoday’s pet food. Petfood Forum 2020 will also feature research presented bystudents from companion animal academic programs, plus Pet Food Tech Talksfrom leading industry suppliers showcasing their latest products andtechnologies.

Leading pet food industry exhibit hall

This year’s Petfood Forum exhibit hall will be the show’s largest ever,comprising more than 500 booths and over 300 suppliers of pet foodingredients, equipment, packaging materials, testing services and more.

Participants in Petfood Forum will find many opportunities to network withother pet food professionals from around the world. New activities include agame show on the exhibit floor, in addition to several meals, coffee breaksand receptions.

Petfood Forum 2020 registration and other updates

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B y Debbie Phillips-Donaldson – Pet Food Industry

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