The Good Box has collaborated with the Petbarn Foundation to launch “The GoodPet Box”, helping pet-owners experiencing homelessness maintain the welfare oftheir four-legged friends.

The box features a selection of products for pets’ health, including food,treats and other items.

“Pets provide love and companionship, which is often really hard to get whenyou are experiencing homelessness,” said Gali Blacher, co-founder at The GoodBox. “Our friends experiencing homelessness often put their pet’s needs beforetheir own which is why something like The Good Pet Box is so important,especially with the holiday season coming up.”

The box is available for donors to purchase online at $15. Donated boxes willbe sent to one of The Good Box’s 20-plus charity partners to help theirclients experiencing homelessness and who have pets.

“We know pets have a positive impact on a person’s mental health and well-being. It’s extremely important to ensure pet owners experiencing homelessnessare supported” said Janelle Bloxsom, manager at Petbarn Foundation.

Source: Inside Retail Australia

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