The serious flooding in parts of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austriahas had a major impact on pet stores and companies in the pet supplies sector.

Fressnapf alone has reported that at least 18 stores have been affected by thehigh water levels and suffered serious water damage. The pet food manufacturerPro Pet put on its website that the company site could only be reached withdifficulty. In Geilenkirchen, the production plant and external warehouse atHommersche Mühle for Wagner’s Papageienparadies, covering an area of roughly 2000 m², were inundated.

Last Friday, 16 July, Fressnapf established a donation fund for pet sheltersaffected by the situation, putting in an initial 25 000 euros. With the aid ofonline fund-raising specialist Partner, the donations arebeing collected and distributed to shelters once non-profit status and actualneeds have been verified. A large number of manufacturers have begundeliveries of pet food to the regions affected by the disaster.

DIY store group Obi is supporting aid organisations and those impacted by theflooding with donations of materials. Hornbach Baumarkt AG is also givingvictims a flood discount of 20 per cent on its entire product range in 16 ofits DIY stores and garden centres until around 14 August.

Source: Petworldwide

Image: AP Photo/Michael Probst

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