Despite valid concerns about cannibalising brick-and-mortar pet specialitybusinesses, e-commerce has proved to be a boon to the growth of the pet marketoverall, according to a new market research report on the US market. PackagedFacts estimates online sales of pet products at 11 bn dollars in 2019, or 20per cent of the market, ramping up from 9.5 bn dollars in 2018 and 3.2 bndollars in 2015.

E-commerce success with pet products, primarily from Chewy and Amazon, hasmade the pet product market permanently “omnichannel,” a transformation sealedby current online strategies of brick-and-mortar-based retailers (includingPetSmart and Walmart) and of speciality brand and product marketers.

Packaged Facts projects the Internet share of the pet product market to reach23 per cent in 2023.

With a focus on dog or cat owners, U.S. Pet Market Focus: Pet SpecialtyChannel and Internet Shoppers covers pet-owning, demographic and cross-shopping patterns for US pet product shoppers.

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