Ipromea, a pet probiotic company which launched last year, has exceeded itspredicted sales by 300 per cent.

The Gold Coast-based company offers Australian made and owned products in theform of clean treats, collagen powders, broths, and postbiotic enrichedshampoo.

Tony Davis, Group Brand Manager at Ipromea, said the probiotic trend which hasalready swept through other countries is starting to catch on in Australia.

“Within a year, despite launching during COVID-19, we’ve managed to growrapidly, with this month’s sales expected to reach between 75 and 85 thousandunits and there’s so many more brands popping up offering similar products onthe market.”

Dr. Claire Stevens, veterinarian and ambassador of Ipromea, said gut issuesfor cats and dogs are extremely common and can often be resolved or supportedby probiotic supplements.

“Every day we see pets with gastrointestinal upsets including excessivedrooling, diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, regurgitation, loss of appetite,bleeding, abdominal pain and bloating, straining to defecate and dehydration.

“Ninety percent of these gastrointestinal cases can be supported with theaddition of probiotics in their treatment plan.”

Like humans, an unbalanced gut in animals can cause digestion issues,allergies, skin issues, effect energy levels, behavioural issues, and cancontribute to longer term ailments such as obesity and organ disease.

“We know how much people love their pets so it’s great to see the increase inthe level of care pets are receiving, including implementing preventativesolutions for long term well-being – such as probiotic enhanced foods and mealtoppers.”

Image: Dr. Claire Stevens shot by Paul A. Broben.

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