On 28th July the Novotel, Darling Harbour was host to the old guard of the PetIndustry.

Organiser of the event was Ed Kreamer late of Kramar Pet Products andinvitations went out to those that were in the Pet Industry from the 70’s,80’s and 90’s. Many of these are no longer in the industry so it was a realchallenge to make contact. However, persistence paid off and over 70 were ableto attend.

Some of those that attended and are no longer in the industry are:

Ed and Frances Kreamer Kramar

Roy Evans Royjen

Cam McTavish Aristopet

Karl Schnell TFH

Rick Datodi Aquarium Industries

Peter Nobbs PIJAC (PIAA)

Henk & Vanessa Van Der Helm Rudducks

Alan Whelpton Pets International (Masterpet)

Brent and Wayne Whelpton Masterpet

Steve Yeo PIJAC (PIAA)

Some of those that are still in the industry and attended:

Tom Celluci Pets International (now at Kong’s)

Sue D’Elton Beaupets

Davy Kong Kong’s

Frank Williams Pet Pacific

Sue Carson Aquasonic

David Crawford Dalbarb (now with Casco)

David Garrett Brooklands (NZ)

Mike Gervai Petware (NZ)

Geoff Hemmings

Plus many more including the partners of some of those that attended.

The group were pleased to donate some excess funds to Assistance Dogs and thiswas presented by Ed Kreamer.

A montage of photos from that period was displayed on a television during theevening. This is now available for viewing at https://petnews.com.au/view-magazine/?id=4750

So, what are they doing now? The following was supplied by some of theattendees.


In 2001 at the age of 65 I sold Pets International Pty Ltd to good friends andbusiness partners Brent & Wayne Wootton, a business I was involved with foralmost 40 years.

At the same time I announced my retirement from Surf Life Saving Australia asPresident after holding the position for 26 years.

I continued on as President of The International Life Saving Federation for afurther 8 years and retired as President in 2008.

Since 2001 I have had the opportunity to spend a term on the Board of TheSydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA)

and today

Chairman Western Sydney Academy of Sport (since 2001)

Chairman NSW Hall of Champions Selection Committee (since 1992)

Selector of Sport Australia Hall of Fame in Melbourne (since 1998)

Chairman Coronation Club Ltd Burwood (since 2006)

Life Governor Surf Life Saving Australia (appointed 2001)

Life Governor International Life Saving Federation (appointed 2008)

and playing golf 3 days a week at Concord Golf Club.


Since stepping down from the Board of KraMar after the sale of the business toNestle Purina in 2010, Ed Kreamer has continued to be involved in the businessworld as a non-executive Chairman of a footwear business (Homyped), Chairmanof peer development group of 18, CEO’s and Business Owners for LeadershipThinkTank, and head of a private investment syndicate.

Ed still lives in West Pennant Hills in Sydney’s north west. He travel’sregularly with his wife Carmel, is still an active waterskier, and a regularcompetitor in motorsport events around Australia including Targa Tasmania andthe Bathurst 6 hour.

He has two boys the eldest Steven a professional musician and Matthewcompleting his last year of University.


Still very active within the industry and tenaciously independent. 2 years agowe sold our Burnside retail store after 25 years to concentrate on our MtBarker store in the lovely Adelaide hills. we are a shareholding member ofindepet and are very active within the group. Currently don’t have an activeroll with PIAA however with my close association over nearly 30 years stillget called upon to represent wherever i can.


I retired in 2014 since then my wife Jan and I have been traveling todifferent parts of Australia and overseas playing plenty of golf with three ofmy mates swimming once a week to keep fit and stay in good health still keepin touch with some of my costumers and have dinner with them we plan to travelto Europe later next year


Evio Contenati of Pet City in Brisbane still owns the 61 year old familybusiness but has withdrawn from the everyday running of the store and nowconsults weekly with his Store Manager.

He is now more or less a self-funded Retiree and is fortunate to have his twodaughters as his neighbours and now indulges in his love of family, readingand classical music.


After more than 35 years with her Dad at Pet City Brisbane took theopportunity at the urging of her Dad to leave the daily running of the store.

Kim now promotes Pet City at external venues as vice president of the SthsideChamber of Commerce and is a leading light in charitable works in localprimary schools with the chaplaincy programme providing food for needychildren,


I am still actively involved in developing the Kong’s business internationallywhich I started in 1991. I spend part of my time here in Australia and part ofthe time overseas overseeing the business operations. And I have some time inbetween to enjoy life and family.

I am enjoying the journey and what I do, have developed business and personalacquaintances with many great people and Industry leaders globally and thishas provided me a most gratifying working experience.


As for me, well, I am still at it and working with Davy Kong at Kong’s (Aust)Pty. Ltd and have been since 2003. This is my 32nd year of working in theIndustry, having started in 1986 with Alan Whelpton at Pets International Pty.Ltd.

I have enjoyed my time in the Pet Industry, met some fantastic people bothlocally and abroad and am privileged to have worked with two of the nicestpeople I have ever met in ALAN WHELPTON

and DAVY KONG. They have provided me with some everlasting, memorabletimes.

Fay & David Garrett – Brooklands Pet Products

Would like to say it was a well run evening that was put on & was verypleasing to see a lot of the people that we use to deal with. With most ofthem having sold their business’s in Australia keeping in touch with themisn’t an option anymore as we are all doing different things in our lives.

We are both still in the business & enjoying watching our children make a goodjob of running it now.

Warren our Son – Control’s the buying overseas/ Contact to Chain stores /importing Tropical & Marine Fish etc etc/ plus many other duties

Lauresa our Daughter – Control’s office accounts / wages etc / breeding oftropical fish / goldfish & plants.

Jason our Son in law – Set up & looks after the Web/does some buying overseas/is a rep / visits Customers with reps in their area’s etc/ he also set up theplant department/ handy man.

Warren & Jason do the main shows also.

I am in the office, keeping eye on customer accounts, ordering NZ stock, plusother jobs were needed.

David is still in his office doing overseas freight, overseas payments , moneybuying etc with a lot of other duties.

We enjoy our work as it is a business we started from scratch.

It does not tie us down that we cannot go away. We travel a lot plus we alsodo a couple of Pet Shows a year.

We do not work a 40hr week & can leave anytime we want to.

We have built a new home 2-3years ago with quite a lot of gardens & lawn as wehave always had big gardens. (That’s vegetable & flowers)

Our home is just 5min down the road from work in a car & David walks to workeveryday.

Cameron McTavish

Happily retired (should have done it earlier) living on rainforest acreage onthe Gold Coast. Traveling a lot and still can’t pass a pet shop anywhere inthe world without checking it out. Probably would travel more but getsseparation anxiety from faithful hound Buster.

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