Pet Industry News is Australia & New Zealand’s only pet trade magazine.Published four times a year. The magazine is now digital only and from ourdatabase of 4300 will have a direct link to the magazine. There will also beaccess from over 1800 connections on LinkedIn as well as more on Facebook.

The magazine is free and promoted to Pet Shops, Boarding Kennels, Groomers andall those that have an interest in the Pet Industry in Australia and NewZealand.

The success of the magazine in getting the message about our advertiser’sproducts has been proven over the past 28 years with many companiesadvertising since day one.

Advertising in Australia’s only trade magazine has now been made affordablewith a variety of sizes enabling even the smallest business to promote theirproducts through our magazine.

So, what’s available.

Advertising in the magazine – full page $880, ½ page $550 and ¼ page$275. There are discounts for multiple entries. Full page advertising alsoincludes a free entry in the new products section of the magazine and on thePIN home page.

Directory Entry – The cost is $145.00 per year. This will include anentry in the magazine of your logo with a link to your page on the PIN website. Your page can include your contact details, information on your company,logos of your agencies and/or images of your products. There will be a linkfrom these logos or products to a page with a full description of the agencyor product. You can include links back to your own web site.

Weekly Newsletter – The cost is $100 for 4 issues. This can be artwork upto 600pix wide x 800pix long and supplied as a JPG, GIF or PDF. There would belinks from the artwork to your own web site.

New product entry – If you have a new product that you want to promotethen we can display an image and text on the PIN home page for one month andin 4 weekly newsletters, all with links back to your web page. The cost is$100 for one month.

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