The Pet Industry News Virtual Trade Show will be available to view from 9amTuesday 1st October 2019 and will run for 1 week.

This is a first for the pet industry in Australia and I believe in the world.We have started off small with 19 exhibitors. They are made up of some of yourregular suppliers but also some companies that you may not have heard of andwell worth a look.

When you normally attend a trade show, after spending heaps on airfares,accommodation costs and staff wages you would spend a day or maybe twoattending the show. We ask that you spend at least half an hour browsingthrough the exhibitor’s pages. There are many show specials and you may verywell find a product that you have been looking for.

GROOMERS – We also have a report from Tatiana Manion and two interviews withan Australian and a New Zealand groomer which I’m sure you will findinteresting.

There is also a trip down memory lane on the Pet Industry News page with the“History of the PIAA” and pictorial of the industry from 1980 to 2000.

Bob Croucher


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