Pet Industry News will be running a Virtual Trade Show on the Pet IndustryNews web site. There won’t be a physical trade show this year so it seemed theideal opportunity to give wholesalers a way of displaying their new productsfor a very small price. We want the show to be launched on 1 stOctober 2019 and run for 1 week , so please get your booking in early.

The presentation of the show will be:

From the PIN home page ( There will be a registration deskwhere you click and it will take you to the floor plan or show catalogue whichwill display exhibitors logo’s and company name that will link to a uniquepage of your companies details and images. An exhibitor would supply a JPGpage 800pix wide x 1200pix high. This should contain images and informationabout your products and/or company. Alongside this artwork there will be acolumn 300pix wide which will have your logo, company details and highlight upto 5 products and description. Images should be no more than 300pix wide andtext maximum of 70 words each product. You also have the option of just havingyour products on the main artwork and keep the side column for text. This isentirely up to the exhibitor. If you have more than 5 new products to promote,then they may be display in your artwork or under your artwork.

Customers will place orders direct with the exhibitor quoting a code from theweb site to obtain the special prices.

I am keeping the layout fairly simple this year to keep the exhibitor pricelow.

The cost will be $295.00 including GST per stand

So, what I need is:

  • Artwork 800pix wide x 1200pix long supplied as a RGB JPG.
  • Images 300pix wide supplied as RGB JPG + 70 words of text for each product – advise which order the images should appear.
  • 200 words on your company and/or products
  • If you wish to display more product and images or small price lists. This would appear after your artwork.
  • Which image or text your wish to link and address of link.
  • For those that are selling a service then you can populate that area with images a text.

There will be promotion of the show through email, my web site and socialmedia. I would presume that each exhibitor would also promote the show throughtheir own database.

Please email me at [email protected] or call 0418 215 722 for an applicationform.

View Sample layout here

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