The European Pet Food Federation (FEDIAF) estimated the number of dog

owners in Europe in 2018.

Russia provided a home to the most dogs overall in 2018, while Romania had thehighest per capita dog density. Those dog demographics are similar to the catpopulation in Europe. The European Pet Food Federation (FEDIAF) presented theestimated 2018 population of dogs, cats, reptiles and other pets in Europe inthe latest edition of the report “FEDIAF Facts & Figures,” along with otherdata on EU member and other European pet food markets.

Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom held the largest numbers of dogsoverall. Some of the countries with the highest dog populations ranked lowerin per capita dog population. The top countries for dog ownership per capitain 2018 were Romania, Portugal and Poland.

Top 10 dog-owning nations in Europe in 2018

  1. Russia – 17,500,000
  2. Germany – 9,400,000
  3. United Kingdom – 9,000,000
  4. Poland – 7,600,000
  5. Italy – 7,002,000
  6. France – 6,950,000
  7. Spain – 6,270,000
  8. Romania – 4,000,000
  9. Portugal – 2,100,000
  10. Czech Republic – 2,000,000

Top 10 dogs per capita in Europe in 2018

  1. Romania – 0.205
  2. Portugal – 0.205
  3. Poland – 0.200
  4. Czech Republic – 0.188
  5. Spain – 0.135
  6. United Kingdom – 0.134
  7. Hungary – 0.122
  8. Russia – 0.122
  9. Italy – 0.118
  10. Germany – 0.114

The per capita population of dogs in each nation was estimated by dividing thedog population from the FEDIAF report by the approximate population of eachcountry in 2018. Human population data was taken from, whichelaborated the numbers using United Nations Department of Economic and SocialAffairs Population Division figures.

About European Pet Food Federation

The European Pet Food Federation represents the European pet food industrywith around 200 production sites. It is an umbrella organization of nationalpet food industry associations. FEDIAF’s mission is to be the voice of theEuropean pet food industry collaborating with authorities, regulators andacademics for achieving favorable conditions for the supply of safe,nutritious and palatable products to pets and their owners. Based in Brussels,FEDIAF states that is is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, tothe wellbeing of pet animals, to their important social role and tosustainable development.

The annual Facts & Figures from FEDIAF are compiled using figures from FEDIAFand its member associations and estimations based upon where indicated.

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Russian pet food manufacturers benefited economically in 2015 despiteprevious forecasts of a downturn in the domestic market. | Gbruev |

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