One of the biggest worries when boarding pets during the Summer months isThunderstorm phobias. Dogs in in particular can react out of fear when theyhear thunder, sometimes injuring themselves, or may try to frantically escaperesulting in an injury.

For both the boarding facility operator and the pet’s family, the key is to beas prepared as possible and communicate about worries such as phobias prior tothe check-in date. As a proactive measure for boarding facilities, postingblog articles or social media updates, or sending newsletters to clientsreferencing the approaching storm season is a great way to remind pet ownersthat they may need to talk to their pet care facility if they are aware thattheir pet suffers from a phobia. Also be sure to ask key questions during thecheck-in process, to ensure that as much information and detail is passed onas possible and covers everything that is needed for the pet’s stay.

As a pet owner looking to have your pet stay with a pet care facility,consider talking to the facility in advance of your stay let them know thatyour pet has a storm phobia. The check-in process is often a busy time, and itcan be overwhelming trying to juggle all of the information needed to get yourpet ready to stay away from home. Working through this type of information inadvance allows more time to discuss various options or recommendations thatthey may have to make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible.

If a pet owner is aware that their pet suffers from a significant stormphobia, it could be a great idea to speak to a veterinarian prior to boardingyour pet, to discuss the various options available to ensure that the phobiais managed correctly whilst they are away.

There are many tools that can work well for pets, such as wearing athundershirt for example, which is designed to apply a constant, gentlepressure (like swaddling an infant baby!) and helps them feel safe and secureduring a thunderstorm event. Making sure that you communicate an individualpets needs prior to boarding will assist all involved in making the best planpossible,

During storm season, it is important that pets can feel safe and remain secureduring a weather event – especially when they are boarding away from home.Being proactive is the key!

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