The way to someone’s heart is apparently through their pets.

A new survey suggests that when it comes to dating, people take their petsvery seriously. Apparently, being a dog or cat person is a huge advantage whenlooking for love.

A recent survey suggests that pet owners in America trust their pets’ judgmentwhen trying to date someone, Southwest News Service reports. According to theresults, pets tend to be trusted over friends and family when it comes torelationships.

The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zesty Paws, a pet supplycompany, and questioned 2,000 single Americans about how their pets play arole in their dating lives.

According to the results, 68% of respondents said that their pet has a finalsay in their dating partners. Similarly, 68% said they trust their pets morethan they trust their friends and a similar amount (67%) said they trust theirpets more than family.

Of course, pets apparently also make good wingmen.

About two-thirds of the respondents claimed that their pet helped them score afirst date. The results also showed, however, that if the first meetingbetween a pet and a potential romantic partner didn’t go well, there probablywon’t be a second date.

Being rude to a pet was considered to be an unforgivable act by about 64% ofrespondents.

Respondents also agreed that they found it to be worse when their pet was madat them as opposed to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

For anyone looking to win over a potential suitor’s pet, the survey’srespondents suggested the following methods: giving behind-the-ear scratches,giving treats, talking to the animal on a walk and simply by being nice.

Source: Fox News

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