Blackmores has released its first major campaign for its Pure AnimalWellbeing (PAW) offering as the demand for vet approved pet health productssurges.

The campaign, entitled Because they’re more than human , highlights thecompany’s aim to offer an innovative range of natural pet healthcare products,developed by vets and inspired by nature.

PAW was developed by Dr Alister Webster, a third-generation vet from theWebster family, renowned by vets for creating quality pet products for morethan 80 years.

Joanne Smith, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer, Blackmores Group, saysthat following so much time spent with our pets at home during the pandemic,common pet health issues such as anxiety and joint care may be front of mind.

“Pets need their own unique type of care, and PAW by Blackmores gives petparents the confidence that they’re looking after their pets’ health as wellas they do their own.

“Our products give pet parents full confidence that their furry faithfulcompanions feel their best, easing our own concerns when we’re apart from ourpets,” she says.

With strong roots as an advocate of natural health, Blackmores Group’s newbrand campaign draws upon its rich 90-year heritage while symbolising its owninnovation to now include pets.

Alastair Symington, CEO, Blackmores Group, says the PAW by Blackmores rangefocuses on the following areas of natural pet healthcare: Skin and coathealth; Joint health; Digestive health; Mental health and wellbeing; Liverhealth; Ear care; and Grooming.

“Good health is at the heart of everything we value here at Blackmores.Throughout our 90-year history, we have been one of the strongest voicesconstantly advocating the benefits of natural health solutions. To deliver onour promise, we pride ourselves on being able to develop products that combinethe latest technologies and best natural ingredients, while maximising thehealth outcomes of not just humans but also our beloved pets.”

Currently, Blackmores Group operates in 13 other markets across Asia-Pacificand has the ambition to connect one billion consumers globally to the healingpower of nature by 2025.

The ‘Because they’re more than human’ campaign launched on air Sunday 13 Marchalong with a full 360 campaign with a strong focus on TV, digital and path topurchase.

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