19 June 2021 – The Ornamental Fish International (OFI) held her AnnualGeneral Meeting (AGM) via Zoom for the second time on the 11th of June 2021.The meeting was attended by over 30 members from all around the world based ona convenient time selected for most members. OFI President, Shane Willisshared: “COVID-19 continues to be a challenge for people and organisationsaround the world. We are lucky that online events such as our AGM offeropportunities for people to come together and continue their work. However, wedo look forward to the opportunity for face-to-face meetings soon, with ournext AGM to be held at Interzoo in Nurnberg in May 2022″.

A poll was cast for the re-election of two executive board members as well asfor eight members from the Board of Advisers. All appointments were re-electedbased on majority vote, a reaffirmation of their dedication and contributionto the industry. The AGM also confirmed the approval of 3 new OFI members foradmission into the OFI family – congratulations to Yong’s Fish International,Ultra Coral Australia and Creative Way Global Co. Ltd.

Our Vice President, Svein A. Fosså provided an update to members on the workdone in the CITES arena and the issues that were highlighted in the last CITESAnimal Committee Meeting. He shared about the call for Banggai Cardinalfish tobe removed from future CITES agendas due to the model examples of sustainablemanagement of ornamental fisheries and the support received from the committeemembers and parties involved. He ended with a plea for assistance from theindustry with information on trade activity and financial resources tocontinue the effort in this fight for the industry.

Our EU representative, Ms Nathalie Gamain presented on the new EU animalhealth law requirements. Members were concerned on its implications to theornamental fish trade and requested for OFI to provide advice on the matter.Shane shared that this new legislative requirement could affect theoperational cost structure for the industry as multiple health certificatesmight be required for one shipment. OFI will work on this matter and will haveupdates for members in October 2021.

It was also the first AGM for our new SG, Mr Jonathan Poh, who was warmlywelcomed by all attending. The meeting concluded approximately after 1.5 hoursand received many positive feedbacks from members.

OFI is the peak international trade association representing the ornamentalfish industry since its inception in 1980. We represent members from more than30 countries around the world and include members from all sectors of theindustry (producers, exporters, importers and retailers) as well as a numberof NGO’s and other trade associations. OFI represents and promotes theinterests of the industry through lobbying to various institutions around theworld; as well as educating industry and hobbyists in responsible andsustainable Best Practices. Last year, OFI members have adopted its newcharter guaranteeing the conduct of an ethical, fair and legal trade.

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