Three dogs were still chasing the title of Australia’s hardest working farmdog with 48 hours remaining in this year’s Cobber Challenge: All Stars VsContenders.

With only 67 kilometres separating them on Friday afternoon, WesternAustralia’s ‘Elsie’, Tasmania’s ‘Hurricane’ and New South Wales’ ‘Buddy’ wereall hoping for a big weekend, with Kelpie-cross Buddy seizing the win at thefinal moment.

Winner Buddy and owner Glenda Rogan work on the family’s beef cattle propertyin northern NSW. The team set a new Cobber Challenge record, by doing 835kilometres over the three-week competition.

The competition coincided with a busy three weeks for Buddy and Glendaincluding weaning calves and educating the young cattle. They worked 98 hours,to record an average speed of 8.51km/h.

Buddy is one of 12 working dogs from around Australia that competed in the2020 Cobber Challenge: All Stars Vs Contenders. The three-week competition sawdogs from each state wear GPS collars to track their distance, speed andworking duration on farm.

This year, the Cobber Challenge celebrated its five-year milestone by invitingback past competitors to take on new dogs in an All Stars Vs Contendersformat.

Buddy’s win is all the sweeter for All Star Glenda, after she finished insecond place during her first attempt in the 2018 Cobber Challenge.

“I’m surprised by the kilometres they do, but I knew Buddy would be a strongcompetitor because he’s got a great work ethic, he’s a young, energetic dog,and he never gives up,” Glenda said.

“I couldn’t do my job without a good dog.”

Glenda enjoyed competing for a second time in the Cobber Challenge, whichcelebrated the unsung heroes of Australian farms – working dogs. She knew whatwas involved and that she’d have to keep up the work over the final weekend tocement her win.

“It’s a privilege to have a dog like Buddy,” Glenda said.

Buddy and Glenda are going to enjoy a few days off after the competition.

Tasmania’s Pip Flower and her 16-month-olf Border Collie Hurricane came insecond, narrowly beating Western Australia’s Harrison Scott and his KelpieElsie in third place.

“It was really fascinating to see how many kilometres Hurricane does,” Pipsaid.

“Previously I’ve estimated it based on the odometer on the motorbike but thatdoesn’t capture him going backwards and forwards. He did double what I wasexpecting him to do – he’s a ripper of a dog.”

“We love the Cobber Challenge because it brings attention to the invaluablecontribution that working dogs make on Australian farms every day,” saidKellie Savage, competition organiser and Cobber Marketing Manager.

“Our farmers always tell us that a good dog is worth at least five workers.They don’t just provide a safer, more efficient work environment, but there isan incredible mateship between farmers and their dogs.”

Cobber Working Dog Food provides the fuel for the dogs competing in the CobberChallenge as well as thousands of others working hard every day around thecountry.

Leaderboard for the 2020 Cobber Challenge: All Stars Vs Contenders

For the final data visit the Cobber Challenge leaderboard.

  1. Glenda Rogan and Buddy, Copmanhurst NSW (All Star)
  2. Pip Flower and Hurricane, Greater Launceston, TAS (Contender)
  3. Harrison Park and Elsie, Badgingarra WA (Contender)
  4. Bec Martin and Bruce, Moora WA (All Star)
  5. Matt Scharkie and Mitch, Terowie SA* (All Star)
  6. Damien Clifford and Larry, Woorndoo VIC (All Star)
  7. Sam McCarthy and Max, Jamestown SA* (All Star)
  8. Jack Febey and Whiskey, Epping Forest TAS (All Star)
  9. Heidi Mulder and Socks, Prairie QLD (All Star)
  10. Skyla Milgate and Cub, Broadwater VIC (Contender)
  11. Jacinta Bradley and Digger, Tumbarumba NSW (Contender)
  12. Oliver Armstrong and Roudy, St George QLD (Contender)

*Unfortunately, none of the South Australian Contender nominations were eligible for the Cobber Challenge this year. For this reason, both of the South Australian competitors were All Stars.

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