New South Wales is one step closer to winning the fight against non-compliantpuppy factories, with RSPCA NSW today welcoming additional funding from theNSW state government to address animal welfare concerns in the industry.

The funds will go to RSPCA NSW’s Breeder Compliance Unit, a specialised arm ofthe organisation’s Inspectorate dedicated to investigating inadequateconditions and standards at intensive dog breeding facilities.

“This is a huge win for animal welfare, as well as for breeders across thestate who love and look after their animals,” said RSPCA NSW CEO SteveColeman.

“Every day we face the dark side of the animal breeding industry, whereprofits are put above an animal’s welfare. Countless animals come through ourdoors in appalling condition and suffering from health and behaviouralproblems.”

“This funding will help us double down on cruelty of this nature. The messageis loud and clear; it will not be tolerated.”

Four dedicated inspectors in the taskforce will be resourced to identify andtackle breeders who fail to comply with animal welfare legislation and Codesof Practice.

The funding will see more frequent and rapid inspections at facilities foundto violate animal welfare laws. It will help to give animals rescued fromintensive breeding facilities the veterinary care, rehabilitation and lovethey need, and a chance at a new life.

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall said that it is critical the Governmentthrows additional resources at this growing and deeply concerning problem.

“Breeders doing the wrong thing, who are clearly breaching the State’s animalprotection laws, will have to answer for their abhorrent actions,” he said.

“Most pet owners would be horrified to find out their beloved pets came from apuppy factory, so these new measures will help to provide added comfort tothose thinking of bringing a furry friend into their family.”

RSPCA NSW is committed to our mission to help end the suffering of animals atnon-compliant puppy factories across the state. With the support of the NSWGovernment and the community, we hope to make this a reality.

This is the beginning of a huge initiative for RSPCA NSW, and your supportwould be greatly appreciated.

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