The last 18 months have been a period of lockdowns, social distancing,furloughs, ebbs and flows.

Demand, revenue, supply and staff availability have been volatile.

Few have had time to contemplate their navel. Contingency planning has beenabsorbing, in some instances rewarding. For others, time has been taken tocritically analyse current, pending circumstances for businesses, brand-names,products and services.

There is little or no evidence of voids or down times. Resources have beenapplied to reviews, refinements, recalibrations, forecasts, projections,visions and the resetting of schedules and priorities. Full on, those who seechallenges and rewards.

Greater, deeper and broader appreciations of planning, communications andrelationships have evolved. In all instances, these activities have beenelevated from nice things to do, or undertaken when time is available, tobeing imperatives.

Sustainable, profitable and rewarding outcomes are achieved when mindsetsdismiss perceptions of down times. These periods and circumstances representopportunities.

Discipline, structure and focus are essential contributors to maintainingmomentum. Retaining consistency and continuity is satisfying, often fulfillingothers’ wants, needs, desires and aims.

A change of pace, enables the resetting of activities.

After all, down times do not and need not imply the innate nature of stop-start.

Approached with enthusiasm and a desire for fulfilment, down turns can resultin realising upturns.

Barry Urquhart
Keynote Speaker
Marketing Focus
M: 041 983 5555
E: [email protected]

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