RSPCA Victoria investigators have seized nine kittens from a property inBallarat following several tip-offs about alleged illegal animal rearing andanimal cruelty matters.

The individuals who were the subject of two warrants are previously convictedillegal kitten rearers who are allegedly continuing to rear kittens despite aprevious court ordered ban.

The maximum penalty for operating an unregistered domestic animal business isup to $29,805 for individuals and $109,044 for body corporates.

Lisa Calleja, Major Investigations Team Leader, RSPCA Victoria, said themembers of the public provided crucial evidence that allowed RSPCA Victoria toinvestigate.

“We rely on members of the public to provide tip-offs and information, sowe’re grateful to those who contacted RSPCA and provided information, whichproved crucial to investigating this case,” she said.

“We were able to act quickly and secure these warrants based on theinformation provided to us, and the execution of these warrants today hasresulted in the seizure of nine kittens from the property.

“RSPCA Victoria has previously prosecuted the alleged offenders on severaloccasions, and they are currently prohibited from operating a domestic animalbusiness.”

Any other members of the public who may have information about any individualswho may be illegally selling or rearing animals, particularly in circumstanceswhere those animals present as ill, are urged to contact RSPCA Victoriadirectly as soon as possible.

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