Around 39 million dollars’ worth of pet food was imported into New Zealandfrom the USA last year, an increase of five per cent over the previous year.The country’s second-biggest supplier is Australia (36 million. dollars; +3per cent), followed by Canada at 15 million dollars (-6 per cent).

Other countries from which New Zealand imports pet food include France (11million dollars), Thailand (10 million dollars), Austria (0.8 milliondollars), the United Kingdom (0.7 million dollars), Italy (0.5 milliondollars) and Hungary (0.1 million dollars).

Imports from China, albeit at a very low level, have doubled. In 2019, NewZealand imported pet food to the value of 3 million dollars from China(previous year: 2 million dollars).

64 per cent of New Zealand households own a pet. 44 per cent have a cat and 28per cent own a dog. The country’s population is around 4.6 million.


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