Standards Australia has launched a world-first project to create a standardfor seatbelt accessories, including pet seatbelts.

Research by the RSPCA shows that 5000 dogs are either injured or killed eachyear due to being improperly secured while in a moving car.

Adrian O’Connell, Standards Australia CEO, said an industry standard wasessential to keeping motorists and their pets safe and secure.

“A national standard that supports manufacturers in the design and developmentof pet seatbelt accessories, along with a number of other specific-useseatbelt products, will provide much-needed guidance to support consumerconfidence.”

The project, Seat Belts for Use in Motor Vehicles , will develop the world’sfirst standard for all seatbelt accessories used in motor vehicles.

“A national standard on seatbelt accessories will help prevent injury tomotorists, passengers and thousands of pets that are unnecessarily injuredevery year as a result of not being properly restrained when travelling incars.”

O’Connell said that the previous standard AS/NZS 8005:2013, Accessories forchild restraints for use in motor vehicles didn’t go further than the need forchild restraints, and that the new standard will be more wide-reaching.

“There are a wide range of seatbelt accessories currently available, from a‘seat belt reacher’ which extends the handles of the belt reducing the need totwist your body, to accessories designed to extend the seatbelt underneath apregnant person’s body, protecting them and their unborn child.”

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