Ornamental Fish International (OFI) welcomes the appointment of two newmembers to our Board of Advisors, Mr H. Chrishantha Alexander, ManagingDirector of Seylon Aquatics (Pvt) Ltd of Sri Lanka, and Mr Rajanta SinardjaRahardja of CV Bellenz, Indonesia. Both new members were selected by membersin their countries and act on their behalf to provide input to the executiveon issues affecting their region and help to facilitate membership andcommunication.

The new positions were created out of recognition of Indonesia and Sri Lankaboth to the ornamental fish industry as major exporting countries and thelarge number of members in these countries. OFI President Shane Willis sad“Indonesia and Sri Lanka are major producers and exporters of ornamental fishthat were currently not represented at the board level of OFI, a decision wastaken at the last AGM to expand our Board of Advisors to include arepresentative from each of these countries”.

Rajanta has been an OFI member since 2010 and is a world-renowned expert onbreeding rare L-number catfish. He has held positions on a number ofgovernment working groups and industry associations in Indonesia, and is anactive advocator for the industry in Indonesia. Chrishantha has a solidbackground in the industry having started working for John Keells Aquariums in1993 where he was promoted up to Senior Marketing Executive. He establishedhis own export business in 2003 which has been an OFI member for over 10years. Chrishantha is currently the president of Association of Live TropicalFish Exporters of Sri Lanka.

The appointment of these two new positions will allow OFI to work more inthese two important countries, Willis said “I have known Chrishantha andRajanta for many years and both are excellent appointments to the Board ofAdvisors I look forward to working with them in the future.”

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