Montfoort, 6 June 2019 – __ OFI is pleased to announce the election of twonew Board of Advisors members at our 2019 Annual General Meeting hosted byAquarama 2019 in Guangzhou on June 1.

This year there were 4 Board of Advisors positions up for election, withcurrent board members Sandy Moore of Segrest Inc in the USA and Deepak Nopanyfrom Asian Exports in India both re-elected to the Board of Advisorsunopposed. The 2 new Board of Advisor members were also elected unopposed.

The first new member of the Board of Advisors is Mr Yannick Verry fromAquarama in China. Yannick is one of the organisers of Aquarama and works atVNU Exhibitions Asia Co. Ltd, the owner of Aquarama at their office inShanghai, China. He has a wealth of experience in the trade show industry andhis work with Aquarama and PetFair in China have given him a wide networks ofcontacts within the industry in China and around the world. It is hoped thathis experience and network will help OFI develop its influence and role withinthe Chinese industry. Our second new member is Mr Ran Epsteen from Colors,from Israel. Ran is a well-respected ornamental fish producer and exporterfrom Israel with a wealth of knowledge and experience in intensive productionof fish in biosecure facilities. OFI President, Shane Willis, said “Wecongratulate all advisors on their election and welcome our 2 new advisors. Itis hoped that the new members will help the board to develop greater linksinto China and improve bio-security in the industry.”

OFI would also like to thank Mr Danny Benjamin and Marc Seguinot both of whomhave retired from the industry and from our Board of Advisors. Mr Willisthanked them for their contribution in saying “we thank both Danny and Marcfor their contributions over the years and wish them all the best for theirretirement.”

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