Dogs NSW, the state’s peak purebred breeding body, has warned that theAnimal Justice Party’s (AJP) Puppy Farms bill will have a devastating effecton the entire pet industry.

Dogs NSW believe that AJP’s Companion Animals Amendment Bill will create ascarcity of pups and dogs, increase prices, and foster a black-market tradethat undermines animal welfare.

Lyn Brand, President of Dogs NSW, said the bill is misguided, draconian andwill decimate the breeding and exhibition of purebred dogs and cats, and willhave next to no effect on puppy farm operations, which the organisation isfirmly against.

“We are astounded by the Animal Justice Party’s lack of insight. Their Billwould create huge incentives for unlicensed backyard operators that make itimpossible to regulate breeding conditions and animal welfare.

“This badly flawed Bill has missed the mark – it will actually have the effectof being anti-animal, with destructive consequences for the professionalbreeders, owners and hobbyists represented by Dogs NSW.”

Amongst the changes proposed in the bill are the banning of pet shops, amaximum of two litters for any breeding dog, desexing of males at six, anenforcement regime with fines/penalties of $110,000 and two-year jail terms,and a staffing ratio of one person to five animals which is higher than theratio of nurses to residents in aged care.

Dogs NSW claim that the flow-on effects of the bill will damage business andcause job losses among suppliers and services such as veterinarians, feedestablishments, and other providers.

“We submit this Bill is a blatant attempt to destroy a whole culture at theheart of the Australian way of life. It will have a seriously destabilisingimpact on society. For many members of Dogs NSW, breeding, exhibition, andsporting activities provide the social network for their life. Losing it willlead to social isolation, loneliness and the loss of sense of community,” saidBrand.

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