The results of the RSPCA NSW Animal Census are in, and 82 per cent ofrespondents believe they are their pet’s favourite person.

The study into pet ownership looked at a variety of different topics,including whether people were a ‘dog person’ or a ‘cat person’ – 46 per centfavoured pooches, 15 per cent were in favour of cats, and 37 per cent lovedall animals.

It also found that 88 per cent of people celebrated their pet’s birthday and28 per cent held a party for their pet.

There was also a look at what cheeky things your pet gets up to, with 16 percent saying their pet had stolen food, nine per cent had damaged furniture,four per cent had chewed shoes, and 20 per cent of pets were little angels whohad never done any of those naughty things.

Pets were also found to be more afraid of loud noises than being afraid ofother animals, at 16 and five per cent respectively, while 27 per cent are notafraid of anything.

RSPCA is the most common destination for prospective owners to find a new petat 47 per cent, other rescue organisations and breeders came in at 32 and 16per cent.

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