PETstock’s charity organisation, PETstock Assist, has partnered with DoggoneGorgeous, Ruff N Rugged and PetRescue to help facilitate the delivery of morethan 3,000 dog coats to 50 charity organisations across Australia.

The donation was made in conjunction with #nonudepets campaign , anational initiative that ensures animals currently in foster care waiting fortheir ‘new home’ are warm, dry and cosy.

PETstock Assist’s Charity and Events Coordinator, Jessica Curtis, says not-for-profit rescue organisations and animal shelters rely and operate largelyon financial donations and support from local communities.

“High demand items such as apparel, food, bedding, treats and toys help freeup cash for other vital areas of the shelter’s operation.

“Thanks to PETstock Assist and its partners, donations like these not onlyprovide rescue animals with much needed comfort, warmth and of course style,but also supports organisations and their network of volunteers and fostercarers who are helping to care for and create better futures for rescueanimals in need.”

Greyt Greys Rescue, Happy Paws Animal Rescue, Great Dane Rescue and Rehoming,A Mini Rescue Animal Shelter, Greyhound Rescue, Working Paws Dog Rescue, BestFriends Animal Community and Phoenix Animal Rescue Horsham are among the 50organisations to receive the coat donations.

How you can help rescue animals

  • Donate to PETstock Assist online or via donation boxes instore nationally. 100% of the profits go towards PETstock Assist projects.
  • Contact your local rescue group directly to provide financial or product support
  • to search for pets currently in need of temporary fostering or a loving new home.

About PETstock Assist:

PETstock Assist is a registered charity committed to making a long-termdifference and positive change in the lives of pets and humans througheducation, awareness and donations. 100% of donations to PETstock Assist aredonated to charities that share its mission.

Since inception, PETstock Assist has microchipped more than 22,000 pets, foundhomes for more than 20,000 rescue pets, coordinated food drives to the valueof $5 million, donated more than $3 million to charities and founded ‘The PetMob’– a program that sees PETstock Vets visit Papunya in the NT to provideveterinary services including desexing and parasite treatments.

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