Beloved pets of Aussie families will be reunited with their owners under a newarrangement announced by the Australian Government with Qantas Airways.

An announcement welcomed by pet owner, Kate McQuestin who has been campaigningfor pragmatism and compassion to allow the pets to arrive through other portswhen there is no option for them to fly directly into Melbourne.

“Our dreams have come true!” said McQuestin. “I am beyond thrilled that ourdog Yuki and many other beloved animals stranded overseas will be reunitedwith their families under this new arrangement.”

“At last, when my kids ask ‘when will we see Yuki again?’ I can finally answerand to say they are overjoyed is a massive understatement.”

When COVID-19 hit, thousands of families returned to Australia upon Governmentadvice. Prior to this announcement, their furry family members had been unableto return because they can not land directly into Melbourne where Australia’sonly quarantine facility is located and remained stranded overseas for months– despite owners paying thousands of dollars for the necessary vet checks,Australian Government permits and transport vendors.

McQuestin built a website highlighting the issuemany families were facing and a petition pleading for Government action, whichreceived more than 12,000 signatures of support.

“It really was a community effort with many people working together to bringour pets home by helping highlight the issue we were facing and taking thetime to show their support.“

“The pragmatism and compassion shown by Minister Littleproud and theDepartment of Agriculture on this issue is also really appreciated. I thankthem for their work in setting up this temporary arrangement with QantasAirways.”

“I would particularly like to thank Nick McGlynn and the Qantas Freight teamfor going above and beyond to make this a reality. They have worked tirelesslywith various Government departments to ensure pets are brought home safely andthe arrangement complies with Australia’s biosecurity requirements.”

“It’s really what you do when no one is watching that matters. And what Qantasand others did behind the scenes means the world to my family and will tohundreds of other families when they’re reunited under this new arrangement.”

“I would also like to thank the Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack andBen Franklin MLC for the roles they played in bringing this new arrangement toeffect and reuniting cats and dogs with their families.”

“It’s an unprecedented and difficult time for the aviation industry andGovernment departments, placing the individuals within them under immensepressure.”

“I really just want to show my appreciation to all those involved from thebottom of my heart for going the extra mile, listening to our calls for help,overcoming the obstacles COVID-19 presents and acting to put these newmeasures in place.”

“Because they did and the community got behind our mission – many pets nolonger face an uncertain future and will return to the loving arms of familiesacross Australia. Making what was mission impawsible, now mission pawsible,”said McQuestin.

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