Max & Blu is a socially and ethically responsible pet lifestyle brand thatreflects both the owner’s style while keeping your dog safe and comfortable.

Recognising a shift in the way owner’s care for their dogs, Max & Blu havedesigned products that reflect consumer’s desire for wanting quality, fashion-conscious, good design, that is environmentally friendly and cruelty free.

Jodie Johnson, owner and founder of Max & Blu, said we humanise our pets asthey integrate into our lives and home as loving family members.

“I wanted to create a brand that has cutting edge appeal to this generation ofconsumer. Design focused with aesthetics that reflect your personal style andkeep your pet comfortable and safe.”

Max & Blu’s products are created using premium vegan leather that feelsluxurious, lightweight, yet durable for the toughest of play.

“Well-made essentials that are function focused design that will keep your petcomfortable and safe, with practical quick and easy operation when on the go.We carefully (or obsessively) select quality materials that are light inweight to support your dog’s neck, durable and luxuriously soft for comfort.Minimalist at first glance, but with ‘details that matter’ for your family’speace of mind and enjoyment.”

After losing her business during the GFC, Johnson adopted a Golden Retrievercross Poodle named Marley and soon learned of a shortage of quality doggroomers, leading her to enter the pet industry with grooming business the DogShed.

“I was in a unique position where I could analyse and test hundreds of collar,harness and lead designs giving me an in-depth understanding of designelements with effective and convenient function, safety, and comfort.”

Johnson said she found challenges in sourcing a premium vegan leather with theright compound and that if the quality didn’t look and feel luxurious, thenthere was no point.

“Selecting a premium Vegan leather was a critical element to the Max & Blubrand and has so many wonderful benefits. It is ethical, lightweight, soft,durable, and affordable. It no longer makes sense to purchase cow leather.”

Despite those difficulties, Johnson said she loves everything about what shedoes and plans on bringing plenty more to the pet accessory table.

“I have many ideas for the business and see Max & Blu as a destination for themodern dog as I bring in new products. Everything I do in business isapproached cautiously, with a lot of thought and research. Watch this space.”

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