The entrepreneur says she has recently entered into the ‘very fast-

growing category’

Entrepreneur Martha Stewart discussed her new business ventures on “Morningswith Maria” on Monday, noting that she recently entered into what she called“a very interesting category, which is the CBD [cannabidiol] category.”

Stewart said “we are offering not only the wellness gummies that have becomethe leading wellness gummy in America,” but also CBD for pets, which she saidis a “very fast-growing category.”

Stewart said CBD for pets is geared for dogs that need calmness, wellness andmobility help. She launched the line of cannabis-infused pet snacks and oilsin January.

“That industry is going to be a $10 billion industry by 2023, it’s estimated,”she noted.

Stewart, who has pet cats, said she also recently partnered with PrettyLitter,which, according to a news release, is the first-of-its-kind, health-monitoring, cat litter.

“So there are many technological advances in pet care.

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