Martha Stewart is working with pot giant Canopy Growth Corp. to developcannabis-related animal care, cosmetic and food products, the lifestyle gurusaid Tuesday.

Canopy announced in February that Stewart, 77, was taking on an advisory roleat the cannabis company and would help develop a “broad new line” of products,including some for animals.

Stewart revealed some details of those products for the first time at theWorld Cannabis Congress in Saint John, New Brunswick. “We’re working in animalcare, we’re working in cosmetics, body care,” she said. “I’ve beenexperimenting little bit with some of the good products that are availablenow, I find them very useful and really good for your skin, and I think theanti-inflammatory qualities of some of them are very good.”

Food is another area of focus, and Stewart said she thinks her Martha StewartLiving brand can contribute to the edibles industry. Edibles will join thelist of legal products in Canada later this year.

“We have so many recipes,” she said. “Martha Stewart Living has 30,000 or35,000 original recipes, and those can be adapted with cannabis or CBD orwhatever we’re going to use.”

Canopy Chief Executive Officer Bruce Linton and Stewart were introduced bySnoop Dogg, who sells his Leafs By Snoop pot brand in Canada via Canopy andhosts a cooking show with Stewart. Linton said they’ve chosen a brand name forthe new products but it won’t be revealed until later this year.

“It was such an enlightening thing for me to be able to enter into another newindustry,” Stewart said. She’s given CBD to “several” of her dogs and said shealso sees potential for treating geriatric patients with cannabis.

Canopy is conducting several clinical trials exploring how cannabis compoundscan improve human and animal health, including research into the effectivenessof CBD, a non-intoxicating compound, to treat anxiety in animals. The U.S.legalized CBD derived from hemp in December.

Stewart joked that her brothers “experimented” when they were young, includingone who grew his own pot, but she didn’t partake. She said her friends nowoften bring “baggies of gummy bears” when they come to visit her.

Her main advice for the industry? “Make the best product at the best price anddistribute it as widely as possible.”

Source: Kristine Owram Bloomberg

Image: Martha Stewart Photographer: Alex FLynn/Bloomberg

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