With the continuing shift to online purchasing behaviors within the

premium pet food space, it becomes even more critical for manufacturers tounderstand the needs, preferences and behaviors influencing pet-related buyingdecisions

With the continuing shift to online purchasing behaviors within the premiumpet food space, it becomes even more critical for manufacturers to understandthe needs, preferences and behaviors influencing pet-related buying decisions.

Mondi Group partnered with Dow Chemical to explore those influencers, gaininginsight into differences between online shoppers and traditional retailpurchasers of premium pet food when it comes to product and packagingfeatures, appearance and sustainability.

As part of that research process, more than 600 premium pet food purchasers inthe United States shared their insights and experiences, weighing in on whatthey look for when making a pet food purchase, which features would make themconsider a brand switch and how much packaging drives their product selection.The resulting research is now available in a downloadable slide deck byvisiting https://northamerica.mondigroup.com/change-your-view.html#online-shoppers

Gain Key Insights:

The research available through this free download will allow pet foodmanufacturing decision makers to:

  • Identify high-level needs related to product, price, brand loyalty and package features among premium pet food purchasers
  • Explore top drivers of product selection /brand choice among both online and in-store purchasers
  • Understand the role sustainability plays in online shoppers’ purchasing decisions, including factors such as type of packaging material, recyclability icons/logos, certifications and recycling instructions
  • Evaluate consumer prioritization of packaging features including appearance, material, ease of pouring/storing, ease of opening, nutritional information, ability to reclose, packaging graphics and more
  • Gain insights into consumer pain points and satisfaction with current packaging features and identify potential opportunities for future product and packaging differentiators

Research Methodology

Following a round of questions to qualify respondents, 605 premium pet foodpurchasers were successfully surveyed. Criteria to qualify included currentpet ownership, a premium dry pet food purchase in the last month and residencein the United States. A subset of 104 participants (18%) who identified asonline shoppers were further analyzed to distinguish differences in habits andpreferences from traditional retail purchasers.

To ensure the values of the appropriate demographic were captured, allparticipants underwent a screening process before taking the survey. Toqualify, participants must currently own a dog or cat, have purchased one of17 premium dry pet food brands within a month of participating in the survey,live in the United States and describe their purchase channel. Those who madeit through the qualifying round took a 12-minute online quantitative survey,answering questions about their premium pet food buying habits.

Though not representative of all pet food purchasers, some insights may betransferable. Of the 17 brands selected for participation in this study, allcurrently utilize premium flexible plastic packaging.

Source: Petfood Industry

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