A 24-year-old man on a student visa was convicted and sentenced at DowningCentre Local Court on 16 July 2021 after pleading guilty to multiple animalcruelty charges.

These charges include tail docking seven Corgi puppies and failing to provideveterinary treatment to an adult female Corgi dog in poor body condition.

The defendant was also charged with failing to comply with the requirements ofthe Animal Welfare Code of Practice for Breeding Cats and Dogs and forconfining 7 Corgi puppies in a crate of inadequate dimensions inside hisresidential unit.

On 7 July and 20 August 2020, the man mutilated eleven puppies’ tails byplacing thick elastic bands around the base of their tails to dock theirtails. The practice of tail docking is purely cosmetic and has been illegal inNSW for over 17 years. The defendant made admissions he was breeding andselling the puppies for $7000 each.

RSPCA NSW were called to investigate on 24 August 2020 after the bodies of twopuppies were discovered in the waste disposal bins of the unit complex. Thebodies had been disposed of down the garbage chute and still had the elasticbands attached near their tail base.

An RSPCA NSW Inspector attended the property the next day and discovered theman’s unit contained several cats, one adult female Husky, and the two adultfemale Corgis who had seven and two puppies respectively, not including thetwo puppies previously found deceased.

The Corgi who had the first litter was found to be in an overweight condition.All seven of her puppies were seized after being discovered to be locked in asmall heavily soiled crate.

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