• Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud welcomes Parliamentary inquiry into pet food
  • Inquiry follows issues with dogs getting sick and dying
  • Minister Littleproud has written to states asking them to consider regulating the industry

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud has welcomed a [proposed]Parliamentary Inquiry into pet food.

The pet food industry is currently self-regulated. The industry is unregulatedin Australia. More than 70 dogs have fallen ill and several have died in thepast few months from megaesophagus, believed to be related to an issue withpet food.

“Having a pet die is an absolutely terrible thing. It can be like losing afamily member,” Minister Littleproud said.

“The thought of those dogs in pain or dying is unacceptable. My dog Jacko is agood friend and losing him suddenly would be horrible.

“I’ve asked the states and territories to join with me in reviewing theappropriateness of the current approach.

“I welcome the inquiry into the industry and call on Labor to support it.Let’s shine a light in. Scrutiny is only ever a good thing and I look forwardto the inquiry’s recommendations.”

Background: In 2012 Agricultural ministers reviewed the safety and regulationof the pet food industry and decided that self-regulation was an appropriatemodel. Minister Littleproud wrote to states and territories on 7 May 2018asking them to support an independent review into the safety and regulation ofpet food. So far only the Queensland, Tasmanian and South Australian Ministershave advised of their support.

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