Wintertime is officially upon us! Now is the time to get your winter warmersout of hibernation and be prepared for the colder months ahead. Whilst humanscan easily add another layer of clothing during winter to stay warm, our petsdon’t have that luxury so its up to us to keep them warm and healthy! Here aresome tips to help you keep them warm and safe during the cooler months.

Bring them inside

Animals feel the cold too, just like us! It’s important that on those chillywinter nights, your pets are able to seek protection from the cold. If theymust be outside, then ensure that they have well-insulated shelter that theycan curl up in and keep the warmth in. If not, bring them into the house sothat they can be well protected. We know they will love to curl up with you onthe couch or lay next to you on a rug and keep warm!

__Coats and Jackets

Warm winter coats and jackets are available for both cats and dogs! The trickis to get your pet used to wearing them from an early age if possible, so thatthey are not inclined to try to remove them or chew them. Pet coats are agreat way to keep your pets warm during winter and can be worn day or night.

__Warm bedding

There are some great, affordable options for pet bedding available these days.You can purchase soft style beds and pet blankets from a variety of locations,and if you want an even cheaper alternative to blankets, you can even use someold towels that you no longer have a use for. Just put the blankets or towelson top of their bed so that they can snuggle into them of a nighttime.

__Sunshine during the day

During the day, your pet will love to have access to sunshine and will oftenlook for areas that are warm and sunny to curl up and rest. Give them accessto outdoor areas during the day that are sunny, warm and protected from theweather, or pick a room inside that gets some sunshine streaming in for themto enjoy.

__Small Creatures

Remember, small creatures such as pet rats, mice, Guinea pigs and birds arealso sensitive to the cold. Make sure you provide them plenty of bedding tosnuggle into and bring them inside of a night-time to protect them from thecold air. Some very well behaved small creatures will even happily wear asmall sock that you can fit to them and cut holes out to put over their head,arms and legs – although this will only work if they are not inclined to chewit off for fun!

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