Pest Control is essential for all Australian homes and will keep your propertysafe and comfortable. There are many ways to protect your home from pests, butit is important for families to plan ahead and consider the safety of theirpets during any pest control implementation. Here are a few considerations foryou to make when deciding on the best way to protect your pets and enjoy apest free house!

Professional Pest Control Services

Chemicals are used in professional pest control services, and whilst they maynot be harmful to humans, it is essential that you check with your contractorto ask them what precautions need to be taken to ensure your pets safety. Askthem before the booked day of service to give you a full safety brief on anyof the chemicals that they will be using so that you can make an informeddecision about whether your pet will need to be away from home during the timeof spraying.

__Self-purchased Pest Control Treatments

There are many different pest control options available from the localsupermarket or bunnings stores, such as bug spray, cockroach bait, rodentpoisoning, or even bait for common garden bugs to protect your home-grownherbs. It is important that you check the packaging for warnings, and ifpossible, purchase ones that are deemed to be ‘safe for pets’.

Many poisons and baits are not labelled as safe for pets, so if it isessential that you use them, be sure to place them in areas where your petcannot get access to under any circumstances.

__Natural Options

Have you ever heard of Catnip? Well, there is evidence to suggest that Captnipcan be a moderately effective natural mosquito and fly repellent. The addedbonus is that your feline will love it, so planting Catnip at home could helprepel some of those pesky bugs.

__The best assurance for your pets safety

For the days that you need to implement any style of pest control in yourhome, book your pet in with your local pet care service! This will keep themout of the house while the poison is sprayed, give it time to dry, and best ofall your pet will have a great adventure out. Once the house is safe again,they can return home and you will not need to worry.

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