As many families and pet owners continue to work and learn remotely, now isthe perfect time to pet-proof your home to eliminate any unwarrantedinterruptions caused by four-legged friends, particularly those who’re proneto anxiety or getting up to mischief.

Dogs are highly social animals who enjoy companionship, whether that’s with ahuman or another animal, so it’s key to create a space where they can feelsafe, confident, and entertained while their owner is working or learning inanother room.

To assist pet owners in creating a pet-proof sanctuary for their canine,PETstock’s State Trainer, Mandi Wright has compiled some helpful tips:


There’s a wave of new tech products that can assist with keeping your dogentertained, while alleviating the feelings of guilt experienced as you log onto your first virtual meeting of the day.

Mandi says that DOGTV, a scientifically designed streaming platform for dogs,is a great tool to support the loneliness and isolation our pets’ canexperience.

“When dogs are left to their own devices, they may experience boredom, anxietyor stress, which can ultimately lead to destructive behaviours, such aschewing at the furniture, scratching at the door or even trying to escape,”says Mandi.

DOGTV programs are divided into three categories – exposure, stimulation andrelaxation – each designed to match a dog’s typical daily cycle, and dependingon your dog’s needs, each category will support enrichment within theirenvironment by exposing them to new stimuli through different visuals andsounds.

“For a particularly anxious dog, try leaving on DOGTV’s relaxation segmentduring the day. The program’s calming visuals and soothing sounds will keepyour dog relaxed when they’re having alone time,” says Mandi.

If you’re worried about what mischief your four-legged friend is getting upto, Mandi says that you can check in with them via a two-way camera.

“A two-way camera is an ingenious form of technology that allows you tointeract with your dog and reward good behaviour through an automatic releaseof treats, even if you’re in the room next door!” says Mandi.

Create a special dog zone

To decrease your buddy’s potential for getting into trouble at home or helpthem feel at ease during the day, Mandi recommends creating a special dogzone.

“Even if you’re home with your pet for most of the day, when our buddies areleft alone in a room for extended periods of time with minimal attention, theycan become bored and lonely, and may attempt to escape as a result,” saysMandi.

“In order to make your dog feel secure, create a designated space for theirbed, a few toys, treats, and comfort items.

“Giving your pet interactive toys to play with, such as licking mats or adog treat puzzle, can provide stimulation and reduce behavioural issues suchas barking, digging and chewing.”

As we can’t always monitor our dogs 24 hours a day, it’s important to removepotential hazards within the home and backyard so your buddy remains safe, andyour possessions remain intact.

“To support your pet, it’s a good idea to remove any dangers that can affecttheir health or trigger destructive behaviours,” says Mandi.

“This means concealing electrical wires and cords, removing any toxic plantssuch as jasmine and lilies, ensuring the garbage bins are covered and smallchewable items are out of sight.

“In the backyard, make sure all fences are stable and concealed to prevent thesuccess of any potential escape artists. While easily forgotten, somegardening supplies can be highly poisonous, so you’ll need to keep lawnfertilisers, cleaning supplies and insecticides well away from your dog’sreach.”

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