Justin Bieber hits back at PETA after kitten criticism: ‘Leave my beautifulcats alone’ originally appeared on goodmorningamerica.com

Justin Bieber is hitting back at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,after the animals rights organization criticized him for buying two part-exotic kittens.

The so-called Savannah kittens are a cross between domestic cats and servals,which are a type of African wild cat.

On his Instagram Story Thursday, Bieber called out the organization. “PETA gofocus on real problems. Like poaching, and animal brutality. Ur trippingbecause I want a specific kind of cat? U weren’t tripping when I got my dogOscar and he wasn’t a rescue,” he wrote.

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Bieber added that, while he believes in adopting rescues, he also thinks youshould be able to go to breeders if you have a preference.

“PETA go help with all of the plastic in the ocean, and leave my beautifulcats alone,” he concluded.

His response came after PETA’s Senior Vice President Lisa Lange released astatement to People claiming Bieber was “fueling a dangerous demand for hybridcats” and that he doesn’t “care” about helping animals.

On Friday, PETA President Ingrid Newkirk responded to Justin’s Instagram Storyin a statement, saying, “Sorry, Justin, but you must think more deeply aboutthis issue: When millions of animals are losing their lives every year becausenot enough people adopt — choosing instead to shop — the animal overpopulationcrisis is a ‘real problem.’ That’s what ‘sucks.’”

Justin bought the two kittens, named Sushi and Tuna, ahead of his secondwedding to Hailey. The kittens already have their own Instagram account, runby Bieber.

Source: Yahoo News

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