Media headlines declaring war, relating to battles, and referring to the needto fight are inflaming emotions.

Those are not the best means to mediate and medicate the Covid-19(coronavirus) pandemic.

Such headlines may generate more readers, listeners and viewers. They will dolittle for confidence and sustainable demand.

Moreover, respected military strategists would question the advisability ofsuch treatment. Sun Tzu and Carl Van Clausewitz both contended the beststrategies avoid conflict and the spilling of blood.

Many businesses, big and small, appear to lack appreciation of the first loreof military thinking. That is:
To, win the hearts and minds of people

Now is not the time to be conspicuously opportunist. Winning sales and newcustomers because of the virus seems crass.

Promoting, fostering, supporting and applauding senses of “community” and“family” are laudable, and doubtlessly, its rewards will prove innate.

True leaders are encouraging team-members to reconnect with existing,prospective and past clients. The spoken word, expressions of genuine concernabout the well-being of individuals, companies and networks are being met withdelight. They will be long remembered.

Genuine strategic analyses will underscore the importance of supply-chains,and their effective management.

Introducing, offering and promoting new and free online deliveries, activitiesand transactions will typically elicit huge positive responses. Much of thatwill be non-discriminatory. Interest and participation will emerge fromdiverse global recipients.

Converting casual interest into transactions, revenues, profits and ongoingrelationships will be quite another thing. Respect, loyal and referralbusiness seems a bridge too far for many.

Now is the time to review, refine and develop an integrated communicationsstrategy.

The word “propaganda” has a distasteful aura. Its effects, where astutelyapplied, can have significant, mutually beneficial outcomes.

Sadly, there is sparse evidence of these being adroitly applied. Accordingly,the government, public health authorities and commerce are finding itdifficult to win – the War of Words.

Let’s talk.

Barry Urquhart
Business Strategist
Marketing Focus
M: 041 983 5555
E: [email protected]

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