Many pet owners are willing to put up with mild annoyances that come fromsleeping alongside their cat — so long as they can wake up with their furryfeline by their side. Katherine Pankratz, a board-certified veterinarybehaviorist, is one of them.

“Personally, I would bear any physical discomfort — whiskers up the nose andall — for my cat to choose to snuggle with me each night,” she tellsInverse. “It is definitely an important bonding experience for me and, Ihope, also for my cat, Kaeto.”

Other pet owners hate the experience.

When Inverse surveyed pet owners on r/pets, a Redditor who goes bytonkatsu_tempura replied that they tried it for two days before calling itquits. “I couldn’t stand the idea of sleeping as he tracked poop over my bedand me,” they explain. “The bedroom just feels fresher and far more relaxingwithout the pet dander and hair.”

But critically — is there a correct answer? In this article, Inverse divesinto what researchers report, explains the pros and cons of sharing a bed witha cat, and reveals tips for sleeping soundly if you do let your cat on thecovers.

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