Australia’s leading Animal Communicator, SIMONNE LEE launched The Simonne LeeMethod Animal Communication Level 1:A online beginners course via –Sydney, Tuesday 24 April 2018.

Due to popular demand from SIMONNE LEE’s clients from around the globe, TheSimonne Lee Method Animal Communication Level 1:A online beginners course wasdeveloped to offer pet owners a simple learning methodology to master animalcommunication. This online course offers practical workbook exercisessupported with multiple education assets to demonstrate effective andeffective animal communication: how-to videos and illustrations, guidedmeditation audios and various images explain and encourage harmoniousrelationships between humans and pets.

Learn what, how and when to use animal communication. Discover what yourPrimary Sense Modality and energy, how to ground yourself daily and why isthis important, how to use your Chakras and their meaning? Discover how tolink into animals, how to send and receive messages and SIMONNE LEE’s popularsix steps to animal communication that includes a code of ethics. RRP:$139.95: with anopportunity to join The Simonne Lee Method community via Facebook. Apromotional price of $119.95 will be offered from the launch date till 1stJune 2018 via Hyvio:

“Animals have an important role in the family dynamics and planet. The SimonneLee Method Animal Communication Level 1:A online beginners course will allowyou to connect with your pet on a new level, opening up the lines ofcommunication, where you can begin to truly understand each other’s thoughtsand feelings. By the time you have completed this online course it will be thebeginning of a new relationship for you and your pet”, says SIMONNE LEE who ispassionate about teaching pet owners how to understand and communicate withtheir pets through energy and emotional intelligence (how thoughts, emotions,feelings and behaviours directly affects pet behaviour and communication).

The Simonne Lee Method is an education institution for animal communicationlearning and training offering beginner to professional trainer level courses.The institution also offers Australian workshops, face-to-face/Skype/telephone/email appointments, pet hypothesis and bach flowerremedies for clients from around the world. Visit or followFacebook/Instagram @simonneleeofficial and Twitter @simonneleeoffic

For over 15 years, SIMONNE LEE has become one of Australia’s most influentialholistic Life Strategist and Animal Communicator practitioners; to aninternational consultant, educator and expert contributor writing for a numberof publications both locally and abroad. SIMONNE LEE has built up a reputationfor helping her clients build simple, practical tools to regain order,control, harmony and happiness for both furry and human relationships. Herpragmatic and unique approach to guiding clients through the chaos of modernday living, in conjunction with the modalities she uses help them navigate thegamut of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of wellbeing.

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