An independent Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports to oversee regulationof the industry has today been realised with the Bill to establish theposition as a statutory appointment passing the Australian Parliament.

Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie said the role cemented Australia’sposition as the world leader in livestock exports and in improving animalwelfare outcomes of the trade.

“Our livestock export industry contributes $1.7 billion to the nationaleconomy every year, and is a vital source of revenue and jobs to our rural andregional economies,” Minister McKenzie said.

“The creation of the Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports in legislationmeans there’s an independent check on how the Department of Agricultureregulates the industry.

“The independent role will give the community strong assurance and greatertransparency around how the trade is regulated and how well it is running.

“After passing the Senate last week, the Bill has now passed the House ofRepresentatives today.

“Once the Bill is given Royal Assent I will appoint a suitably qualifiedperson to get to work so that industry can continue on its trajectory ofpositive change while boosting regulator performance and transparency ofdecision making for the Australian community.”

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