The 2022 Indepet Conference kicked off last night at the Sea World Resort onthe Gold Coast, Qld, and the industry were out in force.

Running over four days from 22-26 May, the Indepet Conference featuresspeakers from across the industry, a supplier trade exhibition, and the chanceto mingle and network with a sprinkling of fun events over the week.

Here are some highlights from the Sunday night welcome drinks:

AliraWillcocks (Prestige Pet), Alisha Mitchell (Virbac), Todd Clarkson (Indepet),Lauren Plakias (Virbac). Paul Mckee (Kazoo), Sasha Gibbs (Real PetFood), Sally Milesi (Indepet). Brie Sinclair (Indepet), Melissa Sewell(Real Pet Food). John Counihan (Mt Barker Pet Centre),James Yates (Pet Industry News). Daniel Carrington (The Pet Shop Boyz),Alira Willcocks (Prestige Pet), Gareth Bingon (Easy Dog), Rachel Houston (PetSuperstore), Samantha Clay (Pet Superstore), Beau Hammond (Pet Superstore).BrieSinclair (Indepet), Deborah Jackson (Pet Industry News).RebekaGlanvill (Aquarium Industries), James Yates (Pet Industry News), MarnieWilliams (Aquarium Industries), Brie Sinclair (Indepet).

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