Dogs may be our best friends, but unlike our human buddies, they can’t tell ushow they’re feeling over a glass of wine. Hounds rely primarily on bodylanguage and vocalizations to communicate with us and each other, and theyhave a lot to say. It’s on us, as owners, to learn how to listen.

Let’s unlock the secrets to understanding your dog.

A Dog’s Language

Just because dogs don’t speak doesn’t mean that they don’t have a languagejust as rich and complex as our own. As any dog owner can attest, our houndshave their own special way of letting us know how they’re feeling and whatthey need from us.

Too many owners make the mistake of thinking that dogs are similar to us inthe way that they communicate. It’s vital to remember that dogs do not thinklike humans. They are very ‘in the moment’.

We can personify our pets just a little bit too much, forgetting that dogsoften communicate on an instinctual level. They bark when they see a squirrel,not because they’re threatening it or sending a warning, but simply becausethat’s what dogs do.

We’ve been domesticating dogs for more than 10,000 years, but ultimately,they’re not far off from their wild counterparts. Even though they canunderstand humans to a degree, they prefer to communicate through other means.

While dogs can’t articulate their thoughts in human terms, they aren’t goingto keep important ideas to themselves. Canines communicate through bodylanguage as well as vocalizations such as barking, growling, and whining.

Our dogs also communicate with us through facial expressions. Compared towolves, domesticated dogs have additional facial muscles that allow themto give us the classic “puppy dog eyes” that have emptied many a treat bowl.

If you think about communication from your pup’s perspective, the two of youwill be able to communicate more effectively. You’ll get more out of trainingand playtime, while your dog will know they can come to you with any concerns.

Learning how to understand your dog better will improve your bond with yourbest friend and help you to become a better owner.

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