Going away on holidays is essential for most families at some point, but itdoes mean that your will need to plan for your furry feline to stay elsewherewhilst you are gone from home. This can be quite daunting for everyone, ascats are known for experiencing high levels of anxiety or stress when they aremoved into different environments. For this reason, it is important to spendsome time preparing your kitty before you leave.

Here are a few things that you can look in to before heading off on your nextvacation.

Test their social interactions

If you cat has never seen another animal before, chances are it might be a bitof a shock the first time. Even in a cattery environment where your cat is notdirectly mixed with others, they will most likely still be able to see andhear other animals in the vicinity.

You could consider inviting over a friend or relative who has a pet for a playdate, to see how your cat reacts to this change in routine. If they react in avery negative way, be sure to let the boarding facility know so that they canprovide the best style of accommodation for them.

Take them on regular, short car trips

Sometimes the trip in the car is the worst part! Remember, your cat has noidea where you are taking them or why, so it is natural for this sort of eventto be stressful to them until they get used to it. You can build up your catsconfidence for the car trips by taking your cat on regular short trips toother safe places, or even just for a short drive around the block and thenback home. It will help them get used to their travel crate, the sensation ofthe car travel, and also show them that the end result of the trip is nothingto worry about.

Make sure their vaccinations are up to date

Remember to check with your veterinarian to see when your furry feline is duefor the vaccination. They need to be kept current, and receive a booster every12months, so it is important to ensure that this is done prior to boarding.

Also check with your boarding facility about any isolation period that may berequired following their vaccine, to make sure that they are fully covered andable to stay.

Pack their favorite toy, blanket, or item from home

Having a comfort item from home is a great way to help your cat settle quicklyin their new environment. Pack their favorite blanket to sleep on, a favoritetoy if they love to play, or even an old T-shirt of yours that smells likeyou!

Tell the boarding facility who will be caring for your cat everything

they need to know!

It is important that the people caring for you kitty have as much informationas possible. Make a list before you arrive for check-in so that you can besure that you won’t forget anything. Write down any medications, allergies,special dietary requirements, behavioural disorders that may affect your cat’sstay, or any medical conditions or previous medical history. This will ensurethat your cat receives the best care as possible, and can enjoy their homeaway from home!

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