Are you expecting a new baby to enter your lives soon? What an exciting time!Your fur kids will have noticed a change in the atmosphere in the house, andthey will likely be wondering what all the fuss is about. It is very importantto prepare your pets as much as you can for the arrival of your new baby, andthe sooner you start the better! Here are a few things you can do during yourpregnancy and after the arrival of your beautiful baby to ensure that thetransition is as smooth and comfortable for your pets as possible.

  1. Slowly introduce them to a change in routine

There is no doubt that things will change when baby arrives home, it isinevitable! Dogs and cats are routine based creatures, so keep in mind that ifthere is a sudden change to their known routine (like missing their walk everyday, or a change to feeding time!) it will unsettle them and take time forthem to adjust. The last thing you want is for them to be feeling neglected,upset, or confused, wondering what they have done wrong to be missing theirusual activities.

Start by changing up their routine before baby arrives, so that they do notassociation these changes with the arrival of your newborn. Switch up the daysthat you walk them or take them to the park, alter their meal times by takingsubstituting their normal meal time for some couch cuddles instead and feedthem afterwards, or have a friend or family member come over and take them fortheir outing in place of you – just for a while!

It will show them that life is still the same, and you are still there forthem, but that things can change without a dramatic impact to their usualactivities.

  1. Give them some basic training

Showing your pet boundaries before your baby arrives is essential. You wantthem to understand that there may be certain places in the house (such asbaby’s room), or certain objects (such as baby’s cot) that they will haveboundaries from. Even if you pet has never had training before, teaching thembasic commands to help them understand those boundaries will be a huge benefitto them, and they will feel safe and secure being given these commands.

If you are not sure where to start, contact your local dog training companyand they will help you set up an appointment time and work with you and yourpets.

  1. Introduce your new baby’s scent

Often, you will be staying in hospital for a couple of days. If you pet is athome, they will be wondering where you are, and very soon they will be seeingyou arrive home with your new bub in your arms. Dogs in particular have anincredibly sensitive sense of smell, and the smell of your new baby willoverwhelm them.

To help make this change as positive as possible for your family pets, havesomeone take home an outfit or blanket that your new baby has been sleepingwith, so that they have a head start on the sensory overload!

  1. Send your pet to your local pet care facility for a holiday!

Those first few weeks of being a new parent is stressful and exhausting. Formany families, sending your pet away to your local pet care facility is thebest option, where they will be doted on and cared for while you put all yourenergies into getting on top of your new routines in the house. Once thingshave settled down at home, your pet can come back and be properly introducedto their new human sibling!

Remember, as hard as it may be with so much to think about with your new baby,remember to never stop showing your fur kids that you care. Set aside somededicated time for them every day where you can hand your baby to someone elseand get your fix of love for your devoted fur kid.

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