As your dog gets older, there are many health problems can affect your dog’slife… In fact, after 10 years old, your dog’s organs begin to wear down.

Therefore, caring for your dog’s organs during their golden years is importantto help them live a longer and healthier life.

Keep reading to find out some interesting facts about your dog’s organs andhow to care for them!

1. Heart

Have you ever wondered how common is heart disease in dogs?

Heart disease is one of the most common problems in dogs, especially in largebreeds. Most importantly, the incidence of heart disease increasesdramatically with age.

Like us, preventative measures are key. To get started, feed your pooch aquality diet. Make sure they get enough exercise. And finally, take your dogsto the vet for yearly checkups.

If your dog has been diagnosed with heart disease, don’t lose hope. With earlydiagnosis and appropriate treatment and management, you increase your dog’sopportunity to live a more normal life.

2. Liver

The liver plays an important behind-the-scenes role in our bodies, and thesame is true for our dogs.

Your dog’s liver is key in removing toxins from their bloodstream. So there isno surprise that the most common liver problems are caused by the ingestion ofpoisons and toxic material.

Liver disease is listed in the top five causes of deaths in senior dogs. Thisstatistic may be because liver damage is difficult to determine. Many of thesymptoms are similar to other issues affecting your dog.

The good news is that no specific breed has a higher risk of these issues.“The only prevention is to avoid known toxins and to test lab values onprescriptions that may cause liver damage, such as NSAIDs”, according to Dr.Weinber.

3. Joint

How common is arthritis in dogs?

The older your dog is, the more chances that his sudden lack of appetite, slowmovement or fatigue are due to arthritis. According to the ArthritisFoundation, if your dog is more than 7 years of age, there’s a 65% chance he’ssuffering from the disease.

Sometimes dogs are just forced to live with hip and joint pain. But thatdoesn’t mean that you can’t improve your dog’s quality of life.

The things you can do are: keep things like food and water easily accessible,give him a comfortable place for quality sleep,…

If you want to discover more information, take a look at an infographic about15 Fun Facts About Your Dog’s Organs & How to Care for Them from CyberPet.

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