The budget released by the Federal Government includes measures that willimpact the pet industry including small business owners and veterinarians.

The Government announced it will provide $53 million over five years and $2.5million ongoing to support the recovery and conservation of koalas and theirhabitats by extending the National Koala Monitoring Program and supportingadditional koala care training places under the national vet and vet nursestraining program.

Additional funding for research and implementation activities that addressfundamental koala health challenges and on-ground actions that prioritise,restore and protect critical koala habitats, mitigate threats to koalapopulations, and improve koala health and care facilities will also beprovided.

A $547 million commitment towards mental health will hopefully provide somerelief to suffering veterinarians and those who work in small business.

The Government has committed $4.6 million over two years to support the NewAccess for Small Business Owners, which will provide free, accessible, andtailored mental health support to small business owners, and is delivered byBeyond Blue.

Also included in the Budget is $52.3 million over four years for Lifeline toprovide mental health support, $42.7 million over two years to extend targetedregional initiatives to prevent suicide across Australia through morecoordinated, but locally specific, efforts at the regional level.

Following the recent outbreak of Japanese Encephalitis, the Government willprovide $69 million over two years as part of a Japanese Encephalitis VirusNational Plan.

Included in the plan is the purchase of 125,000 doses of the Imojev vaccine(Sanofi-Aventis Australia) and 10,000 doses of the JESPECT vaccine (Seqirus),funding for state and territory agriculture departments to undertakesurveillance and emergency response programs, and a national communicationcampaign.

As part of future proofing Australia’s landscapes, animals, and plants, thegovernment will provide $100 million over three years for the EnvironmentRestoration Fund to support community-driven action to protect and restore theenvironment.

If you are a veterinarian who is experiencing a difficult time, please callthe Australian Veterinary Association on 1300 687 327 for confidentialtelephone counselling.

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